The unhealthy lifestyles of today and the best diet to counter it

Modern day nutritionists have identified a host of problems associated with unhealthy and hectic lifestyles of today. The need for a perfect and well balanced diet is now more necessary today than ever. The fast pace combined with quality of food and sleep has made our bodies more disease prone than ever and this is easily evident from the range of problems appearing today.

Most of these problems are not attributed to any disease but to the dysfunction of our own bodies after years of misuse. The dysfunctional natures of our bodies were observed by nutritionists and by the mid 2000’s, several different theories had been put forward to counter the adverse effects. But the common aim of almost every theory is cleaning of toxic materials or detoxifications. Detoxifications as the name suggests, means the unnecessary materials and harmful toxins are removed from the body on a ritual basis to ensure the body is free from any dysfunctional behavior. This can be done using several techniques including nutritional balancing with the correct attitude towards building health.

Human health specialists have always concentrated a great deal on the small butterfly shaped thyroid gland located in the neck. This gland might seem tiny but its uses and functions surpass almost all of the larger organs. The thyroid gland secretes the T3 and T4 hormone and the lack of secretion leads to a condition called hypothyroidism. Hectic and stressed lifestyles are the prime cause of this condition along with adrenal fatigue that is also a by product of busy lives. The defect of the thyroid changes a lot of bodily functions and gives rise to a number of problems ranging from simple goitre to anaemia, etc. To heal thyroid naturally several theories and diets have been put forward but the most important things to follow is lesser stress and more comfortable lifestyle. But the importance of the right diet cannot be overlooked as a complete and well balanced eating chart is a sure shot ticket to good health. Modernists and supporters of food sensitivities have propounded a whole new diet form that almost guarantees good health and that is taking the world by storm with its controversial form.

The ‘Modern Paleo’ diet or Palaeolithic Diet theory

…proposes that the human digestive organs haven’t changed since the early hominoid era, 10000 years ago. The diets include lots of natural food like legumes, sea food, grains, fruits, vegetables and of course, zero processed foods. It involves rich mineral content and has been found to be an ideal regime for almost all major defects.

Like the Paleo diet, there are several other diet charts and the best place to search them out is through the internet. Check out ‘Live to 110’ for complete diet charts and plans that will help you in achieving your goals with better precision and results.

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