Did You Know That Omega 3 Oils Are Essential Nutrients

Researchers in Denmark  found that the Inuit people in Greenland, showed a much lower rate of cardiovascular problems than the people of Denmark. The answers that were found in this research showed that even though the Intuit people had a high consumption of fats, they were Omega 3 fats

The following article covers a topic that has recently moved to center stage–at least it seems that way. If you’ve been thinking you need to know more about it, here’s your opportunity.
Researchers in Denmark in the 1970’s found that the Inuit people in Greenland, showed a much lower rate of cardiovascular problems than the people of Denmark. The answers that were found in this research showed that even though the Intuit people had a high consumption of fats, they were actually fats from fish, Seals, Whales and other sea foods, in fact they were Omega 3 fatty acids.

After that discovery, many studies were set up all over the world and they have shown that the original research was correct, in that Omega 3 oils did help to prevent Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes, together with the fact that they did help tremendously in improving overall health.

The following is a few of the diseases that can be helped or prevented with Omega 3 oils.
Heart Disease and Strokes, Auto immune Diseases, Breast, Colon and Prostate cancer,High Blood Pressure and Arthritis, (especially Rheumatoid).

Research in the past has also shown that a high intake of fish can help in the prevention of age related memory loss, consequently lowering the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease, in fact it has shown that a large number of people have enjoyed an improvement in the quality of their lives, through taking Omega 3 Oils.

Those of you not familiar with the latest on Omega 3 Oils now have at least a basic understanding. But there’s more to come.

It has been found that children who eat the oily types of fish on a regular basis, have a lower risk of developing Asthma, whilst children that do not have an intake of Omega 3 oils, are more likely to have behavioural problems and learning disorders. This could be a lead to problems like dyslexia, depression, eczema, violence, allergies, and arthritis.

The old story that “Fish is Brain food” is very true as the human brain is mainly made up of fat and that fat is the type that requires omega 3 as nutrition, it is especially needed for pregnant mothers and for the development of the baby and its brain. Fish oil has been shown to lower Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels, which of course is beneficial to all.

Omega 3 oils can do a lot for your skin, it will improve the texture and help prevent age wrinkling and that is by consuming the oil, you don’t have to rub it in to your skin, it really works from within your body. Omega 3 oils are very close to being a miracle as far as the human body is concerned, they are natural, and like Glyconutrients, the sugars that heal, they are essential for good health.

Everyone needs Omega 3 oils, normal adults need them to maintain health and prevent disease, older people need it even more to help their immune system fight off disease, and the important part that the oils play in helping to prevent the age related problems and diseases that develop as you get older, it might even improve longevity, but if it doesn’t, it will definitely improve the quality.

Is there really any information about Omega 3 Oils that is nonessential? We all see things from different angles, so something relatively insignificant to one may be crucial to another.

Acupuncture For All Those Simple Aches And Pains

AcupunctureIf, like me, you have quite a fear of needles and injections, then acupuncture, that practice of sticking needles onto different parts of your body to cure sicknesses might seem scary at first.

However, if you’ve been long been suffering from some problems like headaches or chronic pains and your regular visits to the doctor don’t seem to be helping you, then why not consider a trip to an acupuncture specialist? After all, who hasn’t heard of somebody’s aunt somewhere suffering from arthritis and trying out everything that the doctors recommended all to no avail, only to finally be cured by a really good acupuncturist?

Perhaps you were wondering if it could actually work for you. You might feel a bit skeptical since traditional Chinese medicine doesn’t immediately coincide with theories in modern Western medicine. In fact, the use of needles to cure people was discovered thousands of years ago in China long before microscopes or x-ray machines were invented or before bacteria and germs were discovered.

When you think about it, that might be something that the practice has going for it. If it has existed already for thousands of years and is still being practiced by millions up to now, then it must have worked already for quite a number of people.

What typically happens when you go to an acupuncturist?

When you go to an acupuncturist, you would typically first be asked about your medical history, how you’re feeling and any symptoms of sicknesses you might have. The specialist would observe features of your face, including your tongue. According to specialists, your tongue is a good indicator of the health of your internal organs. The acupuncturist would listen to sounds that your body makes like the sounds coming from your lungs. How your body smells could also be an indicator of your overall health for the acupuncturist’s diagnosis.

Based on what the acupuncturist finds out about your sickness, he or she would then formulate the treatment that your body needs. With traditional Chinese medicine, sicknesses are seen as a kind of imbalance and loss of harmony between your bodies’ organs. You can consider the use of needles on your body as just a way to push your body and its organs back into balance.

The specialist would begin inserting very thin needles into the right places in your body. To many people, inserting these needles doesn’t really hurt. After all, an acupuncturist’s needles are usually much thinner than the needles that are used for injections. Many have claimed that inserting these needles actually calms them down and relaxes them.

How does the use of these needles help you?

A lot of problems have been claimed to have been alleviated through this practice. These include headaches, the common cold, arthritis, back pains, asthma and even infertility.

Even though acupuncture isn’t part of Western medicine, Western medicine experts have studied it extensively. Some theories as to why it works involve acupuncture perhaps stimulating the brain’s release of the body’s natural painkillers. Acupuncture could also stimulate proper circulation in the human body.

Western medicine is still studying acupuncture and trying to find out how to best integrate it with practices in Western medicine. That is why, along with Western medicine and trips to the doctor, one could certainly try acupuncture.

It couldn’t hurt and it might actually be the one to finally relieve you of a lot of your body’s aches and pains and even make you healthier.

Superfoods for Conquering the Pain of Arthritis

With some thought and preparation, it’s effortless to make these nutrient-dense foods part of your everyday diet. With choices from practically every food group, you’ll soon be well on your method to arming yourself to fight the pain of arthritis and start to handle it from the inside out.

Salmon is among the richest sources of healthy fats, making it a best source of omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, salmon includes calcium, vitamin D, and folate. Besides helping with joint inflammations, eating salmon could shield the cardiovascular system by protecting against blood clots, repairing artery damage, raising levels of great cholesterol, and lowering blood pressure.

Frequently referred to as one of nature’s ‘ideal meals,’ bananas are maybe best understood for packing potassium, but they’re additionally good sources of arthritis-fighting vitamin B6, folate, and vitamin C. They’re simple for your body to absorb, and because they’re a terrific source of dissolvable fiber, they are a crucial user in your weight loss efforts, because you fell full after consuming one without consuming a a great deal of calories.

If you require vitamin C however aren’t a large follower of citrus fruits, reach for a green pepper. A solitary green pepper consists of 176 percent of your daily demands for vitamin C– and colorful red and yellow ranges have more than double that quantity. That makes them richer in C than citrus fruits, but sweet peppers are also outstanding sources of vitamin B6 and folate.

Vitamin D is a difficult one to come by in foods, but shrimp fills that bill, since they have about 30 percent of the daily recommended quantity in about 3 ounces– much more than a cup of milk. Shrimp additionally contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin C, along with additional nutrients important for general health, including iron and vitamin B12.

Hard or soft, fresh or ripened, cheese in all its selection is an exceptional source of calcium for bones, and protein for muscles and additional joint-supporting tissues. Cheese can be quickly cut to apply a cracker or a sandwich, grated into your preferred recipe, or consumed alongside an apple or pear for a fresh, fast treat.

Green tea contains hundreds of effective antioxidant chemicals called polyphenols and has been pointed out for assisting protect against complications ranging from cancer to heart problem. However researches also recommend green tea may help prevent or relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Acupuncture As A Remedy for Back Pain

If you experience back pain you possibly would not consider acupuncture as a therapy up until you have actually tired several other options. However, acupuncture is a type of ancient Chinese medication that’s been around for over 2,500 years and throughout this time it has been used for pain in the back relief, considerably so in these modern-day times.

While it is not commonly a part of western side medication, nowadays your physician is fairly most likely to send you for this procedure if you are suffering from back or neck ache either persistantly or as a result of crash or injury.

If you are visiting have this therapy you may need to know a little regarding how it functions. The general idea is that the body has 20 power circulation designs called meridians or pathways. With these paths it is believed that the vital force or crucial power streams, this is known as the qi (it is obvious chee) and is taken into consideration to be essential to preserve good health. There end 2,000 points on our physiques that connect with these pathways and it is at these points which the hair-thin needles are placed, this is completeded in differing specific combos depending on the therapy needed. These actions are believed to either right the circulation of qi or to reinforce it.

Although it could not be shown that this works as a type of pain relief, it is believed that as a result the main nervous system is stimulated. Most patients state that they get a pins and needles sensation on the installation of the needles and undoubtedly in to the duration of the procedure, which generally lasts regarding 15 to 30 minutes. Some people mention that they feel energised or also very loosened up so it looks like if the result can be is somewhat various relying on the individual.

The acupuncturist will consume to 20 metal needles throughout a procedure session and the depth they are placed depends on the location, further muscle or fatty locations require more seepage and the scalp for example would certainly be simply listed below the surface. The practitioner may turn the needles somehow relying on exactly what they are trying to achieve, in my personal experience they were switched on installation, after that again regarding half means via the therapy. At no factor is the procedure unpleasant, there is a plain sensation of the needles entering and they do not feel sharp whatsoever, this is because unlike needles used for shots, an acupuncture needle s suggestion pertained to a hassle-free factor without sharp edges. They are likewise very slim, regarding 20 times thinner than a hypodermic needle. In my dealing with the most bothersome component of the treatment is lying in the same position without moving for approximately 30 moments, particularly if you deal with pain in the back or similar.

Although there are numerous clinical professionals who think acupuncture is an efficient way to deal with certain disorders such as back pain, there is no real consensus. Some follow the theories of qi and meridians whilst others credit acupunctures advantages to the biological replaces that are generated in the body as an outcome of treatment. Needless to say there will constantly be the sceptics who reject that acupuncture has any kind of impact whatsoever, yet in my viewpoint if you are experiencing on-going pain in the back it is definitely worth trying.

Who is the ideal martial arts student?

Who is the ideal martial arts student?
Some visitors who came in to observe a martial arts class one night, noted the adult students starting to clean the training area, like they always do after class. The visitor asked, “Why do you make them clean the school?” I answered, “I don’t make them clean the school. They are free to leave at any time.” Not saying anything, the visitor looked at me like “Yeah, right.”

Now, the visitor was correct in thinking that I did have something to do with the students cleaning up after class. But the visitor obviously considered cleaning as a punishment, or “beneath” the students. This misunderstanding is common, and begs the question: what is the role of an “ideal” martial arts student?

As an adult starting a new martial art, I must understand that, in terms of the martial art, I know nothing, and accepting this reality is difficult for Americans. All of us want to feel “competent” in whatever we are doing, even when we are just starting out. But this is the very first step in learning how to extinguish our ego; our arrogance that we “know something.” Once we accept that we know nothing, it becomes liberating. We stop worrying about how we are perceived by others, and concentrate on learning what we are excited to learn.

But even this is not the primary requirement to becoming an “ideal” student. What makes the ideal student is; the student is willing to learn whatever is required in order to become a better person.
For example, when the student cleans the school after class, the student is learning to respect and appreciate the surroundings that allow them to become a better person. When the student says “thank you” to their partner each time, they are learning that their partner is assisting in their own self-improvement, and this must be recognized.

This willingness to learn whatever is required is not easy. It requires great trust in the instructor to guide the student in their self-development. It requires the student to give up their ego, and their own control, and allow others to help them. However, the benefits from this mentality become priceless. The student starts to excel past his peers, and become a person of power and integrity.

So, at least during your martial arts class, give up your control, and allow others to help you become a person of power and integrity. Become the ideal martial arts student.


Todd Alan Roberts M.D. is a physician and the chief instructor of Aikido of Nebraska, a martial arts school specializing in mind/body/spirit development in kids and adults, through the teaching of traditional martial arts. The school is located just north of 33rd and Pioneers Boulevard.

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