5 Reasons Why Soy May Be Harming Your Health

Proponents of soy claim that it has many health attributes, such as heart disease and cancer prevention.

Anyone who also has environmental concerns about meat production may also want to consume soy in place of meat and dairy as a way to decrease their ecological footprint on the Earth. However, soy milk, tofu, soy veggie burgers, and other soy products may not be as healthy or environmentally friendly as previously thought.


Like corn, gluten, and tree nuts, soy is also a common food allergen or substance that our bodies react negatively to.

It finds its way into just about everything on the grocery store aisles: milk substitutes, baby formulas, salad dressings, spaghetti sauce, chocolate, cakes, cookies, low carbohydrate bread, nutrition bars, nutrition drinks/shakes, and even body care products and candles! Most factory farmed animals are also fed a formula containing some soy, so some soy proteins may make their way into your meat. Here are the top 4 reasons why that is not a good thing.

1. Over 90% of the soy grown in the US is genetically modified using gene splicing in a lab.
Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are much different from hybridization in that the modification occurs under laboratory conditions. The gene from a bacteria is inserted into the DNA of the seed of the soybean to make the crop resistant to high doses of pesticides. If this doesn’t sound very appetizing to you, then avoiding soy on your plate should be a top priority. If you absolutely must have soy, choose soy products that are labeled organic and the many are now also touting the official label of being …Non-GMO.

2. Soy contains estrogen mimickers.

Too much estrogen (often referred to as estrogen dominance) can create a variety of premenstrual and menopausal symptoms in women. In men, it can cause gynecomastia or man boobs.  In both men and women, too much estrogen is associated with cancers of the reproductive system. It’s probably not a good idea to be getting a dose of estrogen in your food, especially since we also have other estrogen mimickers in our environment such as plastics. Soy-based infant formulas are quite worrisome, especially since we’re now seeing some female infants get their first  period  and experience breast development.

3. If you have a gluten sensitivity, you probably also have a soy sensitivity.
On a molecular level, soy protein closely resembles wheat protein (gluten). Therefore, if you have sensitivities to gluten, it’s likely your body will react similarly to soy. If you’ve gone gluten-free and are still having unusual, vague symptoms, check all your foods and supplements for soy ingredients.

4. Soy can kill your thyroid.

Soy is one of the most goitrogenic (goiter causing) foods on the planet. It blocks your thyroid gland’s ability to absorb iodine, making it impossible to produce enough thyroid hormone to power your body’s cells and regulate your metabolism. If you’re getting acupuncture for weight loss and still not losing weight, ditch the soy. Your thyroid will thank you.

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