Is Chocolate Good or Bad for your Health ?

 How is that possible? Something so delicious as chocolate is truly good for your health?

  Well it’s true, studies have shown that chocolate has many positive health benefits. Like most foods, overdoing chocolate may cause consequences such as weight gain, but a healthy amount in moderation can promote natural health benefits.

Unfortunately chocolate is no substitute for vegetables

it does contain flavonoids which have powerful antidioxidant affects such as preventing heart disease by protecting the heart and cancer by guarding the DNA from damage. Flavonoids are found in other products such as tea, except the EGCG in tea is less powerful than the antioxidants in chocolate.

You also have to aware of the different types of chocolate. Similar to most types of foods, chocolate has different antioxidant levels due to how much cocoa is used; hence, the reason dark chocolate has the most antioxidants.

There is a large difference between a 50 calorie piece of chocolate compared to a 250 calorie candy bar. Many people think chocolate is the culprit to weight gain, but that is false. Eventhough chocolate contains saturated fat, the saturated fat is called stearic acid which is different because it does not raise blood cholesterol.

No guilt chocolate? It’s tempting because it’s true, but moderation is key. Just because chocolate is not as negative to health as people believe, does not mean it is a replacement for vegetables. You just do not need to feel guilty when biting into a dark chocolate piece of candy to satisfy your needs.

I have three main reasons why I think chocolate is good for your physical and mental health:

   Unsaturated fast and saturated fats. Saturated fats such as cheese are bad for you. It is this type of fat that contributes to problems such as heart attacks, clotting and organ failure. Unsaturated fats however are good for you, they can be found in things like nuts, red wine and dark chocolate. Unsaturated fat actually helps resduce the cholestorol levels casued by saturated fats. Considering this taken in modest amounts dark chocolate is good for your physical health.

2. Serotonin is a chemical inside your body that makes you happy.

Chocolate contains amino acids which contribute towards the creation of serotonin. Furthermore eating chocolate triggers the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins reduce the bodies sensitivity to pain, which in small amounts actually relates to the happy feeling you get after eating chocolate. So in terms of mental health again chocolate acts as a stimulant and is good for you.

3. Lastly even if chocolate is bad bad for you it will not harm you so long as you eat it in moderation.

Personally I am a rampant chocoholic. If I were it was definately bad for me without a doubt I would probably still want to eat it. If you eat only chocolate for the rest of your life it probably will be quite bad for you. But like most confectionary chocolate is meant to be a treat. Considering this taken as a snack in an otherwise healthy diet and lifestyle the bad effects will be quite inconsequential.

Some of the reasons why people may think chocolate is abd for you is that it contains caffeiene.

However I have read before that an ounce of milk chocolate probably contains an equal amount of caffeine to a cup of decaffinated coffee. Going back to the first creation of chocolate, the Aztecs who first made it actually made it from the cocoa beans reserved it for people of high importance.

Warriors, religious leaders, nobles etc all drank chocolate in order to gain vitality and wisdom.

Guided Meditation – Road to Physical And Mental Well-being

If tension and stress and anxiety are taking over your life, you ought to obtain aid of guided reflection as your worry management source.

Learn the best ways to meditate and release your thoughts of fears in order to lead a healthy and balanced and tranquil life.

The high-speed way of living that everyone lead today does not leave us considerably of option besides managing a number of jobs.

A few of your time is invested hiring the jobs that are needed to be done, some accomplishing the tasks et cetera in stressing over the ones that you weren’t able to complete. All this leaves you stressed. Mind-calming exercise is a fantastic method to shift your focus from anxiety to tranquility. It is a complementary medication that cures all three, mind, body and soul of an individual. Reflection can assist you launch anxiety and lead a satisfied and calm life. s.

By supplying a state of relaxation, it aids you remove the stressed ideas that cloud your thoughts and source worry.

In addition, it aids you focus your focus resulting in enhanced bodily and metal well-being. Researches have discovered that mind-calming exercise is advantageous in treating various health and wellness disorders that are gotten worse by anxiety. A few of them are hypertension, constant discomfort, tiredness, resting habits, misery and others. In addition, it additionally aids you manage your temper and stress and anxiety.

When you meditate, all your tensions appear to vanish.

Launching stress isn’t merely restricted to the reflection session, it progressively removes the anxiety from your life offered that you practice it on a regular basis. Truth profoundness of meditation hinges on the stability that you develop overtime. It helps you lead a life that continues to be unperturbed by anxiousness and tension. Though problems will still come along sometimes, you will certainly have the ability to manage them with much ease and will not be stressed by negative ideas.

The procedure of mind-calming exercise requires much practicing and can be understood overtime.

For learning to meditate, nonetheless, you need the assistance of an expert. Looking online is the most convenient way to locate a seasoned meditation professional. There are some professionals that offer online podcast concerning mind-calming exercise. From training you the essentials and also the latest findings on reflections, helping you obtain an unwinded state of mind to guided mind-calming exercises for paying attention while you meditate, they share professional pointers and assist you locate what works ideal for you to release tension.

Paying attention to a podcast is a lot a better option for finding out to meditate than reading about it. Throughout a reflection podcast, you are assisted by the relaxing voice of a meditation expert to assist you loosen up. Because your thoughts needs reason to be restful and peaceful, it needs to be preferred if a person overviews you, taking your mind off the worries and aiding you locate inspiration to feel fresh and relaxed. You need someone who holds years of experience in meditation to relieve you of your tension.

Besides the on-line meditation podcast, a number of facilities also hold reflection sessions where you can sign up with mind-calming exercise masters as well as others dealing with anxiety. Find one such center in your city and take an activity against the worry that continues to rise. Do not hang around till you have a breakdown! Contact a medical psychologist who focuses on mind-calming exercise to help you control your stress before your physique enters into a tailspin.

A Quick Guide to Vegetable Enzymes

Learn all about vegetable enzymes, including what they are and how they can benefit your body for long-term good health….

Healthcare is an important issue for everyone. How we take care of our body throughout our life makes a big difference in the way we age and the diseases we may suffer.

Preventive Health Care

Enzymes are an important factor in our body’s health. Enzymes are catalysts that start a chemical reaction to help us digest and absorb our food. If we do not have the proper help, our body cannot assimilate and use the nutrients we feed it. Health care will become a dreaded subject.

Many diseases and health concerns could be avoided with the right diet and enzymes. Some people cannot digest their food properly and become overweight while others suffer all manner of upper and lower digestive problems. As we age we lose our ability to digest properly, which causes more health care problems.

What Enzymes Do

There are different types of enzymes that work on a particular food. Amylase works to break down carbohydrates, starches and sugars. Protease breaks down protein in meat, eggs, and cheese. Lipase breaks down fats in dairy products and meats. There are others that are not as general and provide more specific functions.

Proper Nutrition

Because of a lack of good digestion, many people suffer from a deprivation of nutrition. This causes other health care problems. To maintain healthy skin, good cholesterol levels, good memory, healthy bones and joints, we must keep our body nourished and healthy. Lack of nutrition also causes sleep disorders and weight loss or gain and energy loss. Many health care concerns could be avoided with better digestion.

Good Health Care

When someone eats healthy all their life, their organs will be strong and able to fight off disease and illness. But if you cannot get enough nutrients with your food alone, enzymes will help spread the right reactions to each part of the body. Different enzymes will work with others to get each job done. Taking a vitamin supplement with enzymes or making an effort to consume more vegetables could make a vital difference in men’s and women’s health. Vitamins are much less expensive than healthcare these days!

Raw foods contain healthy enzymes, but heated and processed foods lose most, if not all, of their strength. Eating raw cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage will provide critical enzymes and also act as cancer blockers. For continuing good health, eating raw vegetables is very important.

Everyone Needs Enzymes

There have been doctors who have treated patients’ serious diseases and cancer with diet and enzymes, which show the importance of this factor in our body. Don’t neglect the needs of your body. For your own good health care, make sure you do not lack this vital digestive aid.

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