Can I Do Insomnia ? Cure It With Relaxation

Why Do People Have Insomnia ?

Insomnia cures by relaxation have been popular since before man invented fire. We can trace them back, certainly in the case of China, for many thousands of years. It has only been in the last few years that we have been able to confirm the efficiency or otherwise of the Insomnia cure by relaxation.

Insomnia itself is a pernicious affliction bringing with it misery and despondancy. Many sufferers of Insomnia and other sleep disorders lay there night after night staring into the dark checking the alarm clock every five minutes and worring about the effects of sleep loss on their performance during the coming day. Getting more and more tense and finding relaxation ever more difficult.

How can we use relaxation to help to cure insomnia? One of the first stops for the sufferer looking to cure Insomnia by relaxation or any other way is the doctors surgery. This is an excellent idea as a physical checkup will reveal wether or not there is a physical reason for the Insomnia or just the need to relax. The drawback is that if the doctor finds no physical reason for the Insomnia he is likely to reach for his prescription pad.

The drawbacks here are well known. Unbeliveably simply to cure insomnia you could also suffer addiction, morning headaches, daytime fatigue, personality changes, memory impairment, impaired concentration, poor judgment, mood disturbances, and in extreme cases irregular heartbeat, and high blood pressure. The list goes on and on. A safer insomnia cure may well lie in the direction of lerning relaxation, a more natural remedy.
This is the reason why drug companies can afford large scale advertising such as TV ads and big internet ad campaigns. They know if they can get a hold of you once, they will trap you and continue to make money off of you for years to come. Their mission is to program you. Whenever you have sleep problems, they want you to think about their products.
Used to cure insomnia and many other ailments for thousands of years relaxation rechniques are becoming more and more popular with main stream health care professionals to cure insomnia. As a cure for insomnia you need to practice relaxation regularly , notice the experience of the sounds of the simple things in life.

Look into what causes your need for relaxation. When you discover the ways you create stress, you can look for ways you to relax and avoid these stress creators.

Plan to cure your insomnia – You need to consider the timing of your relaxation. It should be daily. Perhaps a weekend is better suited to a night out so that you don’t have to wake early the next morning for work or during the night for the bathroom.

Try relaxing music. Keep your favorite relaxation CD at the office, in the car, or wherever you’ll need it most. Certainly by the bedside.

Walk a while. If you have at least ten minutes to spare, walking is one of the best relaxation techniques. I have a dog and we walk as often as we can. Pounding the streets or woodland paths is an excellent way of getting rid of frustrations, relaxing, and ultimately, when gently tired, I can can think much more productively.

Exercise – Find a form of exercise you will enjoy – yoga and tai chi are great for relaxation. Schedule in relaxation time every day – This could be for as little as 30 minutes a day or one hour away from the office during lunch time.

Get into yoga. This type of exercise puts an emphasis on relaxation and breath control. Could have been designed to cure insomnia by relaxation. Practise this at least twice a day, perhaps on waking and when you go to bed. This will train your unconscious mind to be able to quickly take you into abdominal breathing and hence relaxation.

A massage is also a great way to relieve stress from the body and ease insomnia. Its great fun and as long as its not your partner doing it šŸ™‚ It’s very conducive to relaxation.

I will make a bold promise to you right off the bat: I will change the way you think about sleep forever.

Discover the Power of Natural Healing and Cures

In this article, you will know the power of natural healing and how it helps you to live healthier and longer. The magical effects of natural healing and cures have been discovered by man since thousands of years ago.

Nature has gifted us with many prestigiouĀ things for our wellbeing. The power of natural healing and cures has been discovered by man since thousands of years ago. Mother Nature has gifted us with plenty of natural cures that have miraculous healing properties. Some of them are – mud pack, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, herbal remedies, aromatherapy etc.

The science of nature cure has proven its effectiveness since thousands of years. Even 5000 years ago in Ayurveda, the treatments adopted are similar to nature cure. The nature is made up of five elements (pancha mahabhutas), namely earth, water, fire, air and space). The body is also made up of five elements.

In man earth, water, digestive fire, air as a pranavayu (vital air) and tissue spaces, cell spaces. Man depends on universe for his existence. He needs food for growth, development and living with good health. He needs air for breathing which is as important as food. Water is the basic necessity of life. One cannot live without water. Fire as digestive fire which is essential for our foods, digestion and assimilation and organs and tissues spaces are required for their functions. The ecological imbalances will lead to ill health. One must adjust to the nature for his healthy living.

Health is defined as social, physical, mental and social well-being of person. The treatment adopted in the nature cure uses mud, correct feeding, fresh air, sunbath, proper use of water, electricity, dietetics, fasting, physical culture, hydrotherapy, baths, mental aids and simple herbal remedies. Methods used for natural healing consist of pure food, bathing in sunlight, fresh air exercise, massage, and fasting and juice therapy.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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