I Know We Can Make It Work

Diet – Exercise – Supplements

It is widely recognized that people on a good diet have a healthy lifestyle, feel great, have more energy, sleep better, and have a more positive outlook in life.

Have you ever made any attempt to take control of your health, changed the diet, exercised to lose weight, taken different types of supplements, and it didn’t work?

We need all of them in the right order, the right ingredients and products to make them work. Our body has a great capacity for self-healing providing you give it the essential material it needs. Our body’s ability is often underestimated, how nature can give our body’s build in healers and how they become active once it gets the right materials.

Where can we go wrong? Let’s have a look at exercise first. If you are trying to lose weight exercise alone won’t get you there; it could even do the opposite and put on weight. In this combination your diet has to play the biggest part, as well as the supplement. All three have to interact correctly. The remaining questions are: What type of diet? Which kind of exercise? What supplements have you been using?

Diet and nutrition!

Without going overboard: It’s the small changes that will make the difference to your health. Make a conscious decision to change your diet; have a daily schedule so it becomes routine.

It is difficult to recommend a general diet. What works for one person isn’t a guarantee that it will work for others. Think about your lifestyle and learn to understand what is stopping you from eating healthy and what simple changes you can make.

One of the easiest ways to avoid any health risk is through diet. There are a number of healing foods provided by nature that will boost your health. In particular healthy vegetables and fruits, many other plants include some substance known as plant sterols, phytochemical compounds found in the fatty tissues of plants. They also contain special ingredients called flavonoids. Regularly eating a diet with these qualities will improve your health and will fight against any diseases. Eating more of that can also help heart conditions, increase blood flow by dilating blood vessels and may also be effective in lowering blood pressure. Do not over cook food; raw foods and vegetables are better steamed only and be still crunchy to eat. Low temperature cooking to all raw foods is important.

Diets can often add up to a mix of conflicting and confusing signals. It is precisely why we need certain diets to fight different illnesses, in other words one diet does not suit all.

Don’t kill yourself with exercise!

It is not necessary being at the gym at 6 in the morning, lifting weights, using expensive machines, or killing yourself by working up swat to lose weight. Such exercises will have little effect to weight; it can make it even worse if you’re an on-again, off-again exerciser you would add more fat than sitting all day on the couch.

Fitness researchers have begun to realize that there are better methods in exercising without going to the extreme and still getting tremendous health benefits and a lean fit body.

Variety of exercise is the best. As our body becomes stronger and an exercise becomes easy to complete than it is necessary to increase the intensity or change to another exercise. Stretching exercise in different positions, holding each stretch for only a few seconds, increases muscles tone, flexibility for the joints, and also improves circulations. By creating a simple program for about 30 minutes several times a week you will get great benefits such as relaxation, better circulation, better joint motion and reduce pain, increased energy levels, plus many other overall health benefits. Don’t forget walking out in the open air! Walking briskly, although at your own pace, is the most natural exercise!

There are many inexpensive stretching programs available in books and DVDs to suit most.

Why a supplement?

Over the years supplements have become a necessary part of our daily diet. Most of our foods have become depleted in nutrition; therefore, a good natural multi supplement is a good insurance policy. There are many classes of free radicals linked to chronic illnesses like arthritis, heart disease, cancer and many more.

The values of dried fruits and vegetables measured in ORACs (Oxygen – radical – absorption – capacity) of which our body needs 6.000 per day to keep it in good health. With the lack of nutrition in our foods today it is almost impossible getting this on a daily basis unless a good supplement can make up that shortfall.

More about foods, also the best natural supplementation that has the ingredients of many healthy organic fruits and beneficial fats such as omega-3 to add to your daily diet, just follow the link below, information is free.

My name is Josef Bichler. I have a passion for wellness and showing others how to live healthy lives. I have corrected my own health problems with the use of alternatives only and helping others to achieve their health objectives through lifestyle changes, detoxifying their body and through understanding the benefits of eating healthy. For more ongoing health information subscribe to my free weekly newsletter; this also gives you the opportunity for comments, suggestions and questions you may have, as well download my free e-book report to help making better choices: www.healthythenaturalway.com

by Josef Bichler

Four Creative Steps To Healing

Ever have the feeling that dis-ease was controlling your life? Perhaps it’s not even a chronic illness. Do you harbor anger? Resentment? Frustration?

Maybe it’s just me and I’m talking to myself, but I’ve let all of these rule my life at some point. Therefore, in this short article, I thought we’d take a look at “Four Creative Steps To Healing.” From it, I hope you’ll gain insight into yourself, your behaviors and perhaps the way you deposit or withdraw from your own health currency.

Step One: Understand Your Energy
We’ve all heard about the aura that surrounds the body, but what could this possibly have to do with our health? According to Carolyn Myss in her audio program “Why People Don’t Heal,” the energetic exchange that happens within this field is where our thoughts become translated into energy (or what she terms as one’s biography becoming their biology). Translation: These cycles or waves of energy that surround our body are a function of our thoughts. Thoughts are energy waves then, that affect our health in a positive or negative way. Let’s look a little closer to see why this happens:

The contributors to this energy surrounding the body are the 7 major “chakras” (chakra in Sanskrit means “wheel or vortex”). It may help to note that Myss refers to each energy wheel as a “computer,” one which collects and interprets information and “perceptions” the mind has about the world. It has been shown scientifically that each of these 7 wheels of energy corresponds to a particular endocrine gland in the body. Translation: In light of the adage, “you are what you eat” we could conclude with with some degree of certainty that “you are what you think.”

Step Two: Let Go Of Old Wounds
Now that you’ve been (hopefully) examining your thoughts and translating all of your negative energy into positive, Myss throws another curve ball. Would you agree with her that “healing is unattractive?” I needed some time to think about this: Why in the world would healing be unattractive?

Answer (According to Myss): Our wounds give us power! And after careful contemplation, I’ve outlined three ways I have done this, myself.

Ask yourself: Are you leading with your wounds? You’ll know if you done any of the following:

1. Used Wounds to Manipulate a Situation or a Person.
Let’s say we find a situation unsavory, scary or inflaming a personal “hot button.” Have you ever avoided a situation when you really needed to face head on? Or, how ’bout this one: “I just can’t get into this relationship – I’ve been burned before!” Okay, maybe I am just speaking to myself here, but I admit, I’ve used my wounds (more times than I care to admit) to refrain from loving unconditionally.

2. Use Them to Attract Other Wounded Souls Who Want to Exchange in the “Wound” Game.
I’ve done this myself, too. In listening to another share their wounds, I’ve given up compassion for wound ante – “Ill see you and raise you one.” Agreed, there is a difference between healing from a wound and “leading with a wound” but, in my humble opinion, I’d be willing to bet that we know the difference between being healthy and not. For example, I know when I’m healthy when I can listen with empathy, void of getting out my toolbox to “fix” or laying out my wounds unsolicited.

3. Give Up Our Ability to Listen.
Dr. Bernie Siegel in his book “Peace, Love and Healing” basically says, listening is the work of angels. Many times listening is all we have in a situation when someone calls on us for help. If we express what Ms. Myss calls “woundology” or “leading with our wounds” we’re saying that we can’t stand the loss of power and desire all the attention for ourself.

Since I’m laying out all my laundry here today (And what would Myss have to say for this?) here’s an example of the way I’ve led with my wounds: Recently someone confided in me about a situation where they had lost a loved one. While listening attentively, my mind searched its experiences for a similar event. All this so I could say: “Oh that’s terrible! Don’t feel so bad though, because I’ve been through this thing that is so much worse!”

To reclaim my character, however, (and after I realized what was happening), I caught myself. In reality, all this person really needed was my ear to listen unconditionally.

Step Three: Learn To Forgive Yourself and Others
The final two steps are remedies which can help heal our anger, resentment and frustration. Step three then, is simply forgiveness. For to forgive in earnest then takes our energy out of its emotional investment in the past. We give up the need to spend wasted energy making negative deposits into this account and to paraphrase Myss, is the fastest way to bring our energy into real time. Translation: Trust me, you’ll know authentic forgiveness when you experience it. The body literally “lets go” of the weight of the past.

Step Four: Love Yourself
The final creative step to healing? Loving yourself, of course! This is the most challenging concept, in my opinion. Why? To begin we must start where we are, and love and accept ourselves for who we are, today. How does this help our health? It’s simple,
when we realize that we are stunting our personal growth and health through negative self talk, we can then begin to love ourselves one piece at a time.

Here’s how it’s done (Author’s note: beware, this practice may seem untraditional yet, if you’ll consult Louise L. Hay’s book: “You Can Heal Your Life” – you’ll find that this is one of the remedies she used to heal herself from cancer):

Every day spend 15 minutes in the mirror sending love to yourself! Start small by finding one part of yourself where you can find perfection. Each day, or week, or month choose new parts of yourself to love. Before long, you’ll find an image of perfection before your eyes. And you’ll have purified your energy, to boot!

In closing, we could make all of these steps very simple, indeed. For there is only one step here that will make you healthy and happy. Remember: It’s when we’ve learned to love ourselves that we can truly be healed.

Berry Good!

Berries are some of the tastiest foods you can eat. And now scientists are discovering that berries such as blue berries and black berries also containg substances that provide fantastic health benefits. Find out why berries are so good for you!

Long before winter comes, black bears in the forest spend all their time eating everything they can sink their teeth into. During the summer, bears eat and eat and eat, trying to get as fat as they possibly can, and when the weather turns cold, they look for a place to curl up and then they sleep the winter away.

Now, the habits of bears might not seem like something you should try to follow. After all, doctors are always warning us humans that we shouldn’t overeat, and that we shouldn’t spend all of our time lying around, doing nothing.

But there is one part of the black bear’s habits that you should actually try to imitate, because it would be good for your health.

Black bears eat a lot of berries, of many different varieties, such as raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries.

Berries contain natural sugars and wonderful flavors. Unlike many other foods that are really good for you, but which don’t taste good, berries taste great.

And unlike many foods that taste great but which aren’t good for you, berries are among the most health friendly foods you can eat.

It’s only been within the last decade that scientists have started to pay a lot of attention to the health benefits of berries. And what researchers are learning about the health benefits of berries has a lot of exciting potential for human diets.

One of the first major experiments on the health benefits of berries took place at Tufts University about ten years ago.

Researchers were working with a group of aging rats. They fed them diets of various foods to see what the effects would be. Among the foods they tested were strawberries, blueberries, and spinach.

Now these rats were fairly old in terms of “rat years”. In fact, their age was equivalent to humans about 70 years old.

The foods the scientists tested were all very high in beneficial antioxidants, so the scientists wanted to see if any of these foods would boost the physical and mental capabilities of these aging rats.

The researchers found that while several of these foods seemed to offer some antioxidant protection, the rats that had been fed blueberries were the only ones that actually improved in their abilities.

In fact, the rats which had been fed blueberries were able to perform like much younger rats!

This was a very exciting find, and the scientists then wanted to find what it was in the blueberries that produced this very beneficial effect.

It turns out that the chemicals responsible for making these aging rats act mentally younger and perkier were the pigments in the skin of the blueberries.

The compounds that give ripe berries their beautiful colors are the very substances that have such strong anti-oxidant powers. And antioxidants are compounds that help repair some of the damage that happens to our body cells every day.

Scientists have discovered that the darker the berry, the more health benefits it has! Eating two thirds of a cup of blueberries will give you as much anti-oxidant protection as five servings of apples or squash.

The dark pigments in these berries seem to offer protection against cardiovascular disease, degenerative eye disease such as cataracts, and may offer some help in preventing some cancers, and bladder infections.

If the exciting results of the rat studies turn out to also hold true for humans, it may mean that compounds in these dark berries may help protect brain cells from the degenerative diseases of aging.

You can get this fantastic antioxidant protection whether you eat your berries fresh, frozen, or dried.

You can eat berries raw, add them to your favorite cereals, or make a smoothie drink with various berries, fruits, milk and yoghurt. Get creative and find ways to mix berries into your favorite recipes.

In North America, blueberries are available fresh or frozen year round. If you can’t get fresh berries, dried berries are also filled with very concentrated levels of the valuable antioxidants.

If you live in a place where blueberries are not easily available, look for other fruits and berries that have very dark red or dark purple colors.

Foods such as pomegranates, bilberries, cherries, black raspberries, saskatoons or serviceberries also have high levels of these very beneficial dark pigments. These foods offer benefits similar to the benefits of blueberries.

So, think about incorporating at least one habit of bears into your lifestyle – and make berries a frequent part of your diet!

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